You can read in many places that a wedding planner may cost extra out of your budget, but they save you money overall. This is not strictly true, and you should never hire a wedding planner just thinking this. So why hire a wedding planner?


Wedding planners provide value for money. They will source the perfect suppliers and venues for your wedding. You will have a perfectly planned and imaginatively designed wedding celebration which will be executed seamlessly, on budget and on time.

We are here to manage your expectations. You keep the control you want whilst we remove the stress, pressure, responsibility and last-minute panics. We provide you with the support and guidance you need so you have an enjoyable engagement and wedding planning experience. Being stress-free and happy during your wedding build-up shows on your special day. You will be beaming with joy and love.

As every wedding is different, every wedding planner is different. Their style, their preferred wedding types, their personality. It is key to find a planner that fits in with your ideas and, more importantly, your personality. You will spend a lot of time working with a planner and trusting them to deliver your dream. A wedding planner needs to be someone that you can work with, someone you can trust.

Most wedding planners offer a range of services. From full, bespoke planning to guidance on parts of the wedding (i.e. wedding budget allocation). Think about what you would benefit from. Is it full planning so you can free your time and enjoy your engagement and wedding planning? Do you need assistance with the overall design of your wedding? Once you understand where you may need some help, go on the hunt for your perfect planner.

If you are after a timeless, elegant wedding, why not contact me. We can have a chat about your wedding, evening or weekend if you prefer.


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Photograph by Caz Holbrook Photography