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Mary Cushen


Passionate about life and business.

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Who Are You?

Who am I? Mary Cushen: Wife. Mother of twin girls. Passionate about business & life.

Like most people, I haven’t had the best start in life but I haven’t let me hold it back. The past contributes to who you are today but it is not the final YOU or the final destination. It took me until I was 37 to accept this so be kind to yourself on your journey.

Why Should I Trust You?

First and foremost, always trust your gut. No matter what is said, your gut always knows if something doesn’t seem right for you.

I started my first business when my girls were almost three (over seven years ago). It was a side hustle so I was working full time, starting a business and had two two-year-olds. If you join my list or follow me, you will find out more about my story and challenges along the way. I have various qualifications including NLP Practitioner, Agile Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Practitioner (Healing), as well as Strategy Analysis and Strategic Risk Applications. Just from those few items, you can see I take personal development seriously.


You Have A Lot Of Subjects Covered. Why?

Personal development is top of my list. The world is constantly changing and, if you stand still, you get left behind. I want my clients to thrive, not just survive in business, but to also enjoy life and not get overwhelmed, stressed out or disillusioned by all the noise out there. However, every development step I take, there is a benefit to my clients. For example:

  • NLP Practitioner: I know how to listen to my clients, remove all noise and distractions, focus on the words being used. These provide insights to the individual and removes the pigeon hole assumptions and stereotypes.
  • Agile Practitioner: I understand how to break things down into manageable chunks, removing overwhelm and the risk of burnout. Who doesn’t want a stress-free work life?
  • Advanced Crystal Practitioner: Techniques to relax and unwind. It doesn’t matter if you like crystals or woo-woo. The techniques are fully adaptable to the client in hand. These help reduce the stress and allow you to build in to your business your important me time.
  • Strategy Analysis: I love strategy. Without a strategy, your business will not grow or continue to be profitable (unless you are very lucky). It may work out in the start, but things will slow down and, in most cases, completely stop.

What Exactly Do You Do?

Glad you asked!

I help you craft a future fuelled by personal growth and professional success, using my Harmonious Strategy Blueprint™. Okay, so you are probably thinking ‘in English please’ but I like to do my fancy bit first.

I help entrepreneurs like you grow a successful business with your wellbeing at the heart. I assist you to build that business without the overwhelm and stress, without having to miss those important recitals, appointments, social events. A successful business that still allows you to live the life you want.

With in-person and virtual, 121 or group options, I make my services available to all. We are all at a different stages of our business and have different amounts of investment. We also have different risk appetites. I focus on the individual, you, and together we work out the best journey for you to embark on.

Everything I do is part of my Harmonious Strategy Blueprint™ so you will get all the information you need, no matter where you are on your journey, or how you decide to work with me.

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Running A Business Is Hard. I Don’t Have As It Is So How Does Wellbeing Really Fit In?

I’m going to be honest with you here. We all have 24 hours in the day. Some of us have commitments that take up time in those hours that cannot be missed off or skipped. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a successful business and the life you want.

I have a daughter with Asperger’s, DCD/Dyspraxia, and Sensory Registration Disorder. Thanks to Covid, I have Long Covid (mainly breathing issues) along with Fibromyalgia, asthma and costochondritis. Telling me you don’t have enough time to do everything is not the real truth. Not enforcing or setting boundaries, being disorganised, not prioritising work, looking at non-value tasks – these are all possible reasons to not having enough time, along with many other reasons. The way forward is to understand your root cause and put together a plan.

You Sound Like What I Need. What Should I Do Next?

Things should be simple. We don’t have time to scroll through content to work out what to do – we just won’t. So, to ensure it’s as simple as possible for you to get exactly what you need right now, all you need to do is take this very quick (four questions) quiz. Based on your answers, it’ll tell you the best way to work with me. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you cannot work with me another way; it’s just the best option based on the answers you provided. So remember to be as honest as possible. Forget who am I, who are you?

Remember: Who Am I? I’m Mary Cushen.

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