Wedding stationery is key. When you decide to get married, the excitement kicks in, and you cannot wait to say to people “save the date!” But how do you tell them?

  • The traditional save the date in the post?
  • A save the date magnet?
  • A wedding website?
  • An email?

It will be one of the first glimpses your guests get of your wedding so make sure you think about it before rushing to send them. Think about your theme or wedding colours. Consider the level of formality you want. There is no point sending beautiful hot foil formal invites if you want a rustic, causal barn wedding and vice-versa. To help you think about the different styles of printing available, I have listed a few below with a brief description.


Wedding Stationery – The Different Styles.

I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert in the stationery department; I’m not. However, I have seen many different styles and qualities. Below are a couple of the main styles of stationery available and a few of my favourite suppliers (just mention Mary Cushen Wedding Planner if you decide to contact any of them).


Hot Foil.

Foil Blocking or Hot Foiling is a traditional artisan method of hand printing. A metal plate (like a stamp) has your design carefully engraved on it. The block is then heated and pressed firmly onto your selected card with a sheet of coloured foil sandwiched between the two. As a result, the card is branded with a beautiful metallic finish.

Wedding Stationery: Which Is Your Favourite? 1
The Foil Invite Company specialises in Hot Foil stationery. They have a selection of ready-made collections that can be ordered online and offer a bespoke service.



Letterpress is a form of relief printing where the desired text or image is pressed (debossed) into the surface of the paper creating a lovely tactile and luxury finish to the product. This process is completed entirely by hand.

Wedding Stationery: Which Is Your Favourite? 2
Creating bespoke wedding stationery, designed just for you, Rose Press can do Letterpress, Hot Foil and Digitial printing.



This is probably the one you are most familiar with. Unlike letterpress and foil printing, digitally printed stationery is printed directly from a file on the computer. It can be one the least expensive and quickest form of printing. Digital products produce flat text or images without any texture but offer endless possibilities as to the text, images and the range of colours that can be used in one design.

Wedding Stationery: Which Is Your Favourite? 3
Dimitria has several collections that you can order from, but she also offers a bespoke service. Digital, hot foiling and letterpress all are available with Dimitria.



Exactly as you would expect, handmade are handmade. If going for handmade (not DIY), I would always recommend you ask for a sample first. The quality varies considerably across the different providers, so you need to be happy with what you are paying for.

Wedding Stationery: Which Is Your Favourite? 4
Witness Our Love creates bespoke wedding stationery. Elegant designs and perfect finishes are present on every piece of stationery.


Wedding Stationery: Which Is Your Favourite? 5
Witness Our Love creates bespoke wedding stationery. Elegant designs and perfect finishes are present on every piece of stationery.


Do you still find it all confusing? Not sure which is best for your wedding?

Drop me an email or give me a call on 07894 018893 and I’ll be happy to help. Interested in learning more? Considering hiring a wedding planner? Visit my contact page for the different ways to contact me.