Planning a short lead time wedding is possible. 

If you want a wedding but don’t want months of planning, a short lead time wedding could be what you are looking for. It is possible to have your dream wedding with a shorter planning period. I know this as I’ve done it before. The shortest lead time being six weeks – my wedding.

Top Tips.

My wedding was done on a strict budget. Although I was with my now hubby for 18 years before getting married, marriage was never a must have. It wasn’t until our girls were born that I felt something was missing. We decided to give them my husbands surname and I started to feel a little left out. 

It was always on the cards to move house and we did so when our girls were 14 months. It was decided that with some of the money left, we would get married.

During the six weeks between deciding to get married and saying I do, I learnt a lot.

The best way to source suppliers. The easiest way to stay organised. Below are a few of my top tips if you are creating your wedding on a short lead time.

  • I had a notepad with all my notes in one place.
  • We knew our budget from the start and kept to it.
  • After searching online and looking at various timelines, I created my own wedding timeline. None of the ones out there suited my needs. The main reason why I create a bespoke timeline for each of my clients.
  • I made decisions quickly. There was no time to procrastinate with only six weeks to plan.
  • I researched online and talked to potential suppliers. I only made visits/trips is I was confident they fitted the bill. 



You may need to make sacrifices if you are planning to get married in the peak season but don’t take that for granted. I found the perfect dress and had it shipped directly from the designer in America as it wasn’t available here, all within the six weeks. I needed it altering and I had bespoke work done to the dress too. Add to the mix that I was ill and lost 6 inches from my waist a week before my wedding so it then needed altering again. My wedding was 27th December so had to deal with the holidays too.

It is possible to have the wedding you want no matter what your timescale looks like.  Yes, you need to be super organised and make decisions quickly. However, it is completely do-able. I am proof.

What Next?

If you want a short lead time wedding but don’t want the pressure of sourcing the suppliers or making sure nothing is missed, why not consider a wedding planner experienced in planning a short lead time wedding? As the lead time is shorter than the standard planning time, for weddings with a lead time less than three months, my planning service has a reduction of 10% (starting from £4,500 instead of £5,000). Drop me an email with your wedding date and state it’s a short lead wedding. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to start the process off (starting with an opportunity for you to see if I’m the right planner for you).

Take a look at my contact page for other ways to contact me.


I’m an award-winning wedding planner, experienced and trained so you are in safe hands. Client experience is my top priority. For your added comfort, I am a member of UKAWP – Helping to make the wedding industry a better, more trusted place.

The photography for my wedding was by Stephanie Baines