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Elegant, beautiful weddings are the result of careful collaboration, efficient organisation and meticulous attention to detail. The wedding planning service I offer brings a calm and reassuring quality to every element of your day. Above all, you can relax knowing a professional has everything in hand.

Every wedding should be unique. Your wedding should show your journey so far as a couple, your love story. Bringing together all of our senses and maximising the impact. Therefore, I take the time to get to know you as a couple and individuals, creating unique ideas for you.

My clients have busy and demanding lives, so my role is to not only to alleviate the stress that comes with planning a wedding but allow you to enjoy the process from start to finish. As you are busy, my service fits around you. Meetings can be arranged for an evening or weekend if that is more suitable for your lifestyle. For those further afield or have limited time, Zoom meetings are available.

My passion is helping you have a wedding day (or weekend) as unique as you; surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas so far and how I could help create your wedding vision.

Services available:

Wedding Creation: Planning & Design

The Service

The journey starts the first time you contact me. From the initial enquiry you are treated as an individual; a respected individual. I have no response fits all, no pre-made proposal that just has your name and date updated. Instead, I get to understand your requirements, meet your personalities and styles.

A wedding is something that only those special to you have the pleasure to be part of so, when you contact me, I am honoured that you would consider me to be part of your wedding.

It is not easy decision choosing your wedding suppliers; especially ones you need to trust to deliver. I ensure all supplier discounts are passed directly back to you and commission offered to my company is not accepted. Therefore, you get suppliers that have integrity and are honest with their pricing structures.

Luxury Wedding Planner | Wedding Planning Services | Worcestershire | The Cotswolds
Luxury Wedding Planner | Wedding Planning Services | Worcestershire | The Cotswolds

The Investment

There are no two weddings the same. If you want a cookie cutter wedding, I’m not the planner for you. The investment will be based on a series of questions I ask when you enquire. I consider the number of guests, the location, the potential number of suppliers involved, the budget. I do not create a proposal based on budget only as that would not always be a reflection of the work required.

To give you a rough estimate and a starting point, your investment would be a minimum of £6,500 and on average, between 12-15% of your wedding budget.

Every planner offers something different. Make sure you not only pick one that fits with your style and personalities, but one that understands your needs and can deliver what you want. Contact me today to start your journey.

The Details

The process starts with a complimentary consultation whereby we can get to know each other and, more importantly, I can build a picture of your wedding vision. Before the consultation, I will ask for a short questionnaire to be completed so I can make the most of your time at the consultation.

In addition, it enables you to check whether I am the planner for you. Although you may not realise it, it’s vital we connect because throughout the planning, we will be working closely together. After that, I will send you a detailed proposal, high-level budget and timeline along with the next steps.

Once contracts are signed, design sessions are scheduled. From these, I create your look book ready to share with potential suppliers. Having one version of the truth ensures a cohesive design. The planning is then fully underway. Selecting suppliers that compliment your design while ensuring quality and great customer experience. With my support throughout the planning journey, your life can continue with little disruption.

Luxury Wedding Planner | Wedding Planning Services | Worcestershire | The Cotswolds

Contact me today to start your wedding planning journey. Countryside weddings are designed to be part of nature. To enjoy the natural surroundings and peaceful settings.

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

Bertrand Russell (Philosopher)

Detailed Coordination

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The Service & Investment

Detailed coordination is an extended wedding day coordination. I believe in providing the best possible service for the service required. To me, just turning up on the day doesn’t help. I have no history of your wedding or planning journey. I haven’t met or spoke to your suppliers before. How can I manage your day effectively?

I come onboard eight weeks before your wedding. We have a session so I can get to know your wedding inside out. At four weeks, I take a complete handover and become the single point of contact for your suppliers, freeing up your time for the last month. On the wedding day, I will be there around 12 hours to manage the details.

Detailed coordination is between £1,250 and £2,000. The fee depends on the size of wedding and number of suppliers. Contact me today to start your journey.

Setup Assistance

Setup Assistance

This service is for those that have everything sorted but need help setting it up on the day or the day before. Most people who take up this are creating their own decor and want to have time to get ready and relax.

We have one or two meetings before your wedding to discuss the tasks and how you envisage it looking. It is your wedding so it’s key I understand your vision. 

There is a minimum fee of £350 for this service. The total fee will depend on various factors including the number of staff I need to assist, size of the wedding, any helpers available, etc.

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