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Personalised Services

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The Journey Of Personalised Services

The Start

Before the first session, I find out more about you (what I call the basics) and what you are hoping to achieve from the session(s). Although we will have spoken before you booked, this goes into more detail and allows the session to flow.

The Sessions

The sessions will focus on your overall desired outcome. At the end of each session, you will receive the recording with any actions we agreed in the session. I may also provide additional information if it’s of benefit to your situation.

The Commitment

The commitment is not just about money. To see the difference, you need to commit to being present and taking action. So, if you’re ready to invest your time, you can check out the costs below (from £150 to £3,000).


There are three available options for working with me on a one-to-one basis through my personalised services.

Option One

A one-off virtual session with me. This can be booked for one hour at £150 or two hours at £275. These are great if you are new to coaching, new to me or just have something in particular you want to go through. Before the session, you will need to complete a questionnaire so the time on the call is not wasted on basics. It also gives me time to put together any useful resources I think may help you (this would depend on what our session is about).

Option Two

A mini-program of six one-to-one virtual sessions. These will have a specific goal in mind and we work towards achieving the outcome. Depending on what the goal is and how much action you take, will depend on where we get. However, at the end of the sessions, you will have aa clear path and strategy on what will be accomplished next to achieve your overall goal. Session 1 and 6 are two hours while the others are one hour. Investment for this £1,500 plus priority email support.

Option Three

For those that know they need ongoing support and six weeks will not be enough. There are two ways to get ongoing support and accountability. The first is a monthly fee of £500 (minimum three month contract) – this gives you four hours a month of one-to-one virtual time to take as you see fit. The second is a six-month contract with five hours per month. The investment is £3,000 for the six months. If you know it’s more likely to be six months than three, six months gives you an extra hour a month for the same price. For both these options, you can take a maximum of two hours in any one session and the hours do not roll over if not used so I always recommend trying to book them in where possible.

Prefer In-Person?

Depending on where you are, in-person may be an option with my personalised services. If you would prefer in-person, just let me know when enquiring along with where would be good for us to meet so I can advise on if it’s possible and the extra cost (if applicable).

Why Me?

I’m not going to give you a load of fluff. If you want to read about me, you can check out my About page. When you pick a coach, the most important things are that they understand you, you have a connection and feel you can trust them, and your values align.

If any one of those things isn’t right, the journey will not be as smooth or success as it could be. This is why all my 1:1 client journeys start with a call. It’s a chance for you to ask anything you want to make sure I’m the right person for you, but also so I can make sure I can help you. If I don’t think we are the best fit, I will say so. I may even refer you to someone I think is a better fit, if I know the right person.

Time To Reflect

We all need time to stop and reflect. To look at what we need right now yet so many of us just push through. Our minds need time to reflect and process. Personalised Services are exactly for that. You will walk away with clarity and calmness.

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