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In A Month® Program

Perfectly Crafted Quiz

A quiz can be a great tool to grow your following, find our more information, gain valuable insights and much more when done properly. However, a lot of people start off in the wrong place – they try to find the tech for the quiz first.

Without planning out your quiz beforehand, you run the risk of having to create a quiz for the tech instead of getting tech for the quiz. This can impact the overall value of your quiz and the customer experience. Think about it, would you look a holiday without planning the basics (budget, weather, how many are going)?

My program takes away the tech and gets you started at the beginning. We look at why you want a quiz, who the quiz is for, outcomes and the sub-set ideal client for each, the questions to ask and more. Each week we tackle one part together. At the very end, I do mention a couple of my favourite ways for doing quizzes but once you know what your quiz needs, you will find getting the right tech a lot easier.

Perfectly Crafted Quiz has an investment of 297GBP.


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The Weekly Plan

Week One

Before starting to plan your quiz, we look at what a quiz, how it can be used and what you want to gain from the results. If you don’t know the outcome you want, there is no point starting as the quiz will lack clarity.

Week Two

This week we look at your high-level ideal client – who you will be marketing to complete the form. We also look at the journey your ideal client takes through your business as this helps with the following week.

Week Three

Outcomes are the most important part of your quiz. You want to make the person feel like their answers were listened to and not just driven to a single standard response. Make them feel special and like an individual.

Week Four

The final week is all about the questions. Once you know the outcomes, it’s easier to craft meaningful questions that are relevant to the outcomes you want. It helps to reduce filler questions and keeps the person engaged.

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In A Month® Program

Perfectly Crafted Quiz

So, Perfectly Crafted Quiz is a four-week mini-program. It helps you craft the perfect quiz so you can choose the right tech without impacting on your quiz design or user experience. It supports you through the four weeks with a group of like-minded individuals wanting to do the same. Each week will have a live teaching via Zoom which will be recorded and available afterwards for reference.

There will be no tech talk during the course. It is very easy to get caught up with what tech you need but until you have your quiz mapped out, you cannot go hunting. At the very end, before the group closes, I will share some of my favourite quiz tools so you can see if they meet your requirements but you will find it a lot easier once you know what you need.

There is lifetime access to the recordings and any handouts provided during the course.

The investment for my Perfectly Crafted Quiz is £297.


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