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In A Month® Mastermind

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Life | Business | Friendship

The true mastermind. Bringing life, business and friendship together.

As you love being part of an exclusive group of like-minded individuals and at the stage where you are ready to invest in something a little more special than the standard group program, this is the option I know you will love the most.

You might be thinking ‘how is the In A Month® Mastermind in a month if it’s nine months long!’ I did look at changing the name but it didn’t feel right to. You can achieve a lot in a month when you are focused and have the right support. Each month, you will achieve something – could be a small win or a massive win. It doesn’t matter. The point is, each month there will be something to be proud of (assuming you do the work that is), hence In A Month®.


The Journey Of In A Month® Mastermind

The Mastermind

We focus on life, business and building relationships. From well-being and mindset to strategies and goals. We focus on building a well-rounded lifestyle full of positives, passion and excitement.

The Timings

This is a nine-month commitment. There will be a mix of in-person and virtual activities throughout. All virtual sessions will be recorded. In-person will depend on the location and activity.

The Commitment

The commitment is not just about money. To see the difference, you need to commit to being present and taking action. So, if you’re ready to invest your time, you can check out the costs below.


In A Month® Mastermind takes time and effort on both sides so it needs the commitment to see any difference. By committing to the mastermind, you are already on the right path to complete your goal.

All virtual sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your members area. The recordings will have subtitles/captions and a transcript will be uploaded as well so you can catch up however is best for you. I cannot guarantee any in-person days will be recorded as it will depend on the activities, location and consent of anyone else in the video. There will be three in-person days (one each quarter) held in either London or The Cotswolds.

It’s always better live if you can make it. If you cannot commit to the time or to taking action, then I’m not the right person for you. The cost investment is £7,500 for the nine months (travel & accommodation for the in-person days is not included).


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