Do you need to know which marquee structure?

I love marquee weddings. They mean you can have exactly what you want (budget allowing of course) as they provide a blank canvas. However, there is an increase in logistics and things to think about that you wouldn’t have for a venue based wedding.

90% of my clients have marquee weddings; mainly on private estates. I have not only the experience (even my very first wedding was a marquee wedding) but also marquee specialist training. I have seen how amazing they can be but also understand the amount of work that goes into them.

The first decision you will need to make is the marquee structure or outdoor structure you want. However, if you have never looked at marquees before, the different types available can make it confusing.

What are the different marquee types and does it really make a difference to which I choose?

For a more detailed list on marquee types, why not grab a free copy of my PDF ‘Marquee Types’. No email address required. Just download and get the information you need.

There are plenty of outdoor structures these days. When you decide you want a marquee wedding, the first thing to do is to see if you want a marquee or other outdoor structure. Here are a few options you could to consider:

  • Traditional Pole Marquees
  • Frame Marquees
  • Sperry Tents
  • Tipi / Teepee

They all offer something different so it’s key to understand what it is you want for your wedding.

Today I’m giving you a brief idea of what each of the above is. As mentioned at the start, you can download my free PDF for more information and details along with some other structure types.

Traditional Pole Marquee.

These are perfect for a romantic English reception. The marquee is supported by central poles, guy ropes and steel pins and can ideally only be erected on grass surfaces. They are not suitable for hard surfaces (tennis courts or concrete for example).

The poles are beautiful but be aware of their position so you can organise the marquee interior sufficiently. Guests will not like poles obstructing their views or getting in the way while sitting at the table.

Frame Marquee.

These are supported by an aluminium frame thus no ropes or poles. They come in various widths and can also be linked, perfect for both small and large functions. Ideal if the reception site is a surface where poles and guy ropes cannot be used like concrete, tennis courts, etc. The wider the structure the higher the ceiling making them more suitable for hanging installations.

Frame marquees are modular structures and can be installed on any flat surface, making them a good option for difficult spaces such as an ‘L’ shaped area. As there are no guy ropes and pegs, you can make full use of the space available to you. As they have no internal poles, it allows for an unobstructed view and clear space throughout. You can also create subareas within the main marquee.

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Sperry Tent.

The Sperry Tent is a pole marquee which uses external guy ropes to tension the canvas over the central poles. They require fewer ropes than most traditional pole tents, lending to their crisp, clean silhouette.

Papakata are the only UK Company to have the license to buy/use Sperry tents (as at April 2019). They have a variety of sizes available from the small 6m x 6m to the larger 20m x 26m so it’s not normally necessary to interconnect structures, but it can be done via a 3m tunnel if needed.

Tipi / Teepee.

Based on traditional Scandinavian design, these are built on wooden poles arranged in a tripod format, with a canvas covering. Made from solid wooden poles and a light tan coloured canvas they give a very natural feel to a wedding.

You have lots of possibilities with tipis as they can interconnect perfectly for larger events or just one for more intimate affairs. When the sides are down it looks like a traditional tipi or with sides up it can resemble a witch’s hat.

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For a more detailed list on marquee types, why not grab a free copy of my PDF ‘Marquee Types’. No email address required. Just download and get the information you need. If you want to find out more, you can contact me or visit my services to see how I could help you.

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