I am not a big fan of weddings based on trends or themes. Yes, they can be included in your wedding but they shouldn’t be the driver for your wedding day. Because of this, I encourage Luxury Love Story Weddings when working with my clients.

What is a Luxury Love Story Wedding?

Simply put, it is a wedding that is based on your love story to date, your personalities and passions, but more importantly, excites every one of your senses on your wedding day.

A wedding day is just that, a single day to declare your love to family and friends. You don’t get a chance to have a retake, so it needs to be everything you expected and more. 

My Luxury Love Story Weddings work as follows:

  • I get to know both of you. Not just a casual conversation, but get to know you like I would a good friend. I ask about how you met, what attracted you to each other, what your the first date was. It’s not a structured interview conversation; it’s a few friends ‘getting to know each other’ conversation. However, it takes time.
  • From getting to know you, I come up with some suggestions and mood boards that represent you as individuals.
  • Once a design is agreed, the work starts as with any other wedding. Suppliers are chosen for their style and personalities, keeping your passions at heart.
  • We will consider all senses when designing your wedding. To make it an epic wedding, all senses have to be involved. Sight, aroma, taste, sound and touch. All need to be in harmony with each other. Having just one out of balance affects the whole atmosphere. 
  • Throughout the day (or weekend), every corner you turn, there will be something to make you smile. Something that reminds you how today came about, why you love each other so much.

Your wedding day will be unique. Every person is an individual. We all have a different view on life. Your wedding should be your view, your love for each other.

The key to getting it right.

If we are to capture your love story, it is key I am the right wedding planner for you. We will be working closely together, especially in the beginning where I am getting to know and understand you. This is a key part to building your love story wedding. The luxury part is exciting all those senses. Without a knowledge of your relationship or lives, the senses may not be as intense as they should be.

I always say ‘If you do not feel comfortable in a consultation with me, I will not be the best wedding planner for you’. It is important that you have the right person to deliver your dream.

If luxury love story weddings are what you are looking for, contact me today to see if your wedding date is available. Every couple is different, so every wedding I do is different. 


I’m an award-winning wedding planner, so you are in safe hands. Client experience is my top priority.

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