In A Month® Retreat

Time To Relax, Unwind and Focus on You
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In A Month® Retreat

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Life | Well-Being | Friendship

Time to recharge your batteries and take one step closer to your aligned life.

Imagine the quiet, listening to nature outside your window. Taking the time to sip your coffee, smelling the freshly grounds beans as you do. Chilling out on the sofa, making new friends along the way. Maybe indulge in a spa treatment or take a dip in the pool. Imagine having the time to clear your head to hear your thoughts, to recharge your batteries and focus just on you without worrying about everyone else.

Can you feel the calmness within?

The Journey Of In A Month® Retreat

New for 2022 now in-person is back!

The Delivery

It starts before you arrive with your box of goodies delivered to your door. The In A Month® Retreat is a unique experience allowing you to relax and recharge while understanding the next steps in your life journey.

The Timings

The retreat itself is three days and will be hosted in the beautiful Cotswolds. With the focus being on your well-being and mindset, while also having 1:1 time with me to work on aligning your life and planning your journey’s next step. 

The Commitment

It will take you away from you family. For some it may be the first time, for others a regular occurrence. I know how hard it can be to take the focus off your family and put it on yourself, but remember, everyone will benefit from a refreshed you.

Time To Reflect

We all need time to stop and reflect. To look at what we need right now yet so many of us just push through. Our minds need time to reflect and process. The In A Month® Retreat brings you together within a small group of people on the same journey. You will walk away with clarity and calmness.


In A Month® Retreat takes time and effort on both sides so it needs the commitment to see any difference. If you see it just as a getaway, you will not benefit from all it has to offer.

The retreat includes your pre-retreat box (if you are not UK based, I have sources across the world but I cannot guarantee arrival before the retreat), the accommodation for two nights, breakfast and lunch, activities and sessions for each day, as well as two hours 1:1 with me (virtual or in London after the retreat).

You will leave feeling refreshed and clear on what you want next in life. Everyone is welcome on my retreats – I do not discriminate and I expect anyone attending to be as open as I am. If you cannot be open to all, this is not the right place for you.

The cost investment is £6,500.

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