The Hour Of Harmony

Time to refocus and replan
Let's start now

Letting you reset and refocus

When you have a lower budget to move forward, this is a great option. It gives you an hour of my expert mind, focused solely on your business. It gives you a boost to refocus, remove overwhelm or even a confidence boost that you are on the right track.

It’s where we sit and unpick your mind. Focusing on one goal to get you crystal clear and ready to take on the world. Bringing back the harmony in your life.

Discover The Goal

We start by understanding your goal and why that is important to you. How will it restore Harmony.

Understand The Goal

We remove all the assumptions and misunderstandings to get a clear picture.

Visualise The Goal

It’s time for you to take yourself on a journey and visualise the outcome.

Why The Hour Of Harmony?

I’ve had this offering in the making for several years; trying to perfect the structure so you get the most out of the hour. I wanted to offer a way to have 1:1 time with me without having to commit to a package when it might not be right for you.

This session gives you the opportunity to see how I work before committing to something more involved, but equally works well as a standalone 1:1 session. It helps you get that all important goal clear in your head, fully understood and time to take you there, to experience what it will be like when you achieve it.

The reason it’s called ‘Hour of Harmony’ is that we are working towards creating harmony in your life, business or both. If your goal doesn’t bring you joy and alignment, it’s not the right goal.


As with any service you book, money is not the only investment. To make progress and get something from the session, you need to complete the pre-session questionnaire at least two full days before your session, turn up on time, and be present – no distractions, no mobiles, just you.

The cost for the one-hour session is £200. These are held virtually via Zoom. If you consent, the session can be recorded and shared with you afterwards if you wish. 

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