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Group Strategy Sessions

A room full of like-minded people with one goal in mind – Strategy


One Goal | One Focus 

As you prefer to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and have a good amount to invest, I would recommend my in-person strategy sessions. These are two days, set in The Cotswolds (it’s beautiful there if you haven’t been). To be clear from the start, they are at the top of your budget at £500, but you won’t be disappointed. It’s worth noting, by coming through to me this way, you are getting £100 off my standard cost.

These in-person days give you the opportunity to take a step out of the day-to-day and remain focused on your business strategy planning.

Imagine the joy of walking away from the two days knowing exactly what you need to do, how to do it and know you have support if you hit a bump. And just think of all the friends and like-minded entrepreneurs you will also meet. Clarity in your business, wellbeing and mind.


The Day of Strategy

Before the Day

Before the day, I get you to complete a simple questionnaire. The questions are to ensure the day is suited to your needs and you get out of it as much value as possible. Just because it’s Group Strategy, it doesn’t mean your needs are lost.

The Day

Normally starting at 10am, we work through the different strategy elements together. The day is interactive – you will be provided a notebook but you may prefer to bring your laptop. Network and make friends throughout the two days.

The Commitment

The commitment is not just about money. To see the difference, you need to commit to being present and taking action. So, if you’re ready to invest your time, the cost investment is £500.

Group Strategy Sessions

These group strategy sessions are you, me and other like-minded individuals, working on your strategy over the course of one day. These are normally based in The Cotswolds as it’s a beautiful place to be while working, although alternative locations can be considered where there is enough interest(additional fee may be required). The day is 10am until 4pm with lunch provided. 

This is set over two days so there is plenty of time to go through everything, normally 10am to 4pm. Lunch will be provided as part of the cost. These strategy days are held in beautiful The Cotswolds. I normally hold 4pm-6pm for networking and Q&A time.

Investment is £500, including lunch (saving £100 off my standard fee).


Why Me?

I’m not going to give you a load of fluff. If you want to read about the business and me, you can check out my About page. When you pick someone to work with, the most important things are that they understand you, you have a connection, feel you can trust them, and your values align.

If any one of those things isn’t right, the journey will not be as smooth or successfully as it could be. We all want to get the most out of our time spent and to feel valued.

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