So today I bring you Dean Elliott Photography.

What I love about Dean’s work is that he has a gift to make people feel beautiful on the day (no matter how self-conscious you are) and therefore producing beautiful, relaxed photographs.  Photographs show this better than words so do check out his website.

Time to meet Dean Elliott Photography.

Meet The Supplier - Dean Elliott Photography 1

Tell us about your story

I have always had a keen interest in photography back in the days of film, from a young age. I started by photographing objects, family and animals. Photography with film was quite an expensive hobby and the cost quickly mounted up when developing and buying film.


As technology moved forward and photography became digital this became more appealing than ever. I purchased my first digital point and shoot camera along with a memory card and printer. At this stage, I never really considered photographing for a business!

Due to a change in family circumstances back in 2007, my career path took a bit of a dramatic change from working in the food industry to now working in admin. The reason for this was to give me more time to care for my three children.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this position I had this need to do something I really loved! Yes, as corny as it may sound, I wanted to follow my dreams! This hit me on my own wedding day! I was watching the photographer while he was working. This inspired me! I decided at that point that this was a career that I wanted to explore.

Shortly after I purchased the bare essentials, put the word around and a colleague got me my first paid wedding! I enjoyed it that much, I couldn’t wait for the next. I then created my own website, business cards and leaflets. With so many photographers out there I knew my work was cut out and that getting noticed was going to be difficult. I had the benefit that this wasn’t going to be my full-time career but a hobby and passion that I can share with couples getting married.

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My wife and I are now currently paying more attention to advertising through social media – Facebook, Instagram etc. This does seem to be working for us along with attending as many wedding fares as possible. We have had a very busy wedding season!

I decided to start my own company as I had the time and energy to invest in something I’m really passionate about. So what makes me different? The way I work, my friendly and approachable character.  There are small moments of the day when the wedding photographer interacts with the couple and the guests, I make these times fun and enjoyable without overtaking of being intrusive. Wedding guests often mention that I blend in exceptionally well. My aim is to provide the couple with fresh, vibrant and stylish images to tell the story of the day. Capturing every special moment of love, happiness and fun!

What makes you different?

I’m a professional, yet friendly and none ‘salesy’ person. When meeting couples for the first time, I concentrate on what really matters and that is ‘Do you like me and do you like my work?’ Meeting couples and knowing that they like me as well as my work makes a massive difference. Having an awkward photographer at your wedding will only create awkward photos.

What inspires you?

I don’t only enjoy photographing people and weddings I actually enjoy the day, the emotion, the love and happiness shared between the couple and their families, I’ve actually been known to shed a tear during the more emotional ceremonies. I’m inspired by people and their lives. After every wedding, I always go home appreciating my family and job that little bit more.

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What is your best wedding?

A wedding I shot in 2017, Mrs and Mrs Hobbs I believe to be my favourite and best wedding! 2017 has been a little bit of a change for me in the way I finish my images and subtle changes to my shooting style. These changes have most definitely been for the best. With a shooting style that is based around more of a documentary style, looking through objects, people, around corners and generally hiding out of the way and peeking in. Making the very most of natural light and avoiding the use of intrusive flash (unless I’m using lighting for artistic effects). With this style, I really managed to capture the most natural looking wedding day.

Any words of wisdom?

My words of wisdom would be based on what I have been told by the majority of clients and that is “I don’t like having my picture taken”. Fear not! Everyone is beautiful and on your wedding day, you will feel it. Once you’re in your wedding gown and suit, you will feel like a prince and princess. Your emotions will be running high and adrenaline through the roof. I know of not one couple that hasn’t enjoyed having their photo taken on their wedding day!

Thank you, Dean Elliott Photography, for sharing your story with us.

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