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It doesn’t matter if you are still at the idea stage, starting to map out your plan or just launched, Business Basics In A Month® is here to ensure you set up your business with the basics to start you on the right path to success. It can also help if your business has stalled and you are struggling to find why – we very often forget to go back to the basics when we are not moving forward and try to look for a more complex reason.

This 8-week program takes you through the followings basics to help you get started on the right foot:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Model
  • Niche & Ideal Client
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy

There will be two bonuses, one will be a guest speaker, to provide specific training on two other subjects to support your journey to success. More on these when it gets to launching.

Each week there will be a live teach session in Zoom which will be recorded and transcribed for future reference. I will also hold a live weekly Q&A session to answer any questions people may have. These will be done in the private Facebook group so you can watch them back as needed.

When you join the waiting list, you will receive more information about each of the topics so you know what’s included. This Business Basics program is just that. It is designed to give you the basics to start off on the right foot and make sure you have the right things in place and considered everything you needed to.

For example, in marketing, we will cover the basics for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It’s enough for you to understand the basics of these platforms, and how best to use them so you can start. It will not go into the detail of every single feature or detailed analysis of the platforms. That would be in the Marketing In A Month® program as you don’t need to know everything right from the start.

Strategy is one of my favourite subjects and in this program we cover both a business strategy and marketing strategy. Without a plan of action, you just have a lot of information but no direction. With just a strategy and no action, you have no progress. Although they are not a topic on their own, we cover time management and wellbeing to ensure you have all the tools to take meaningful action.

If you are not willing to take the time to attend/catch up on sessions and carry out the work to move forward, this will not be the right program for you. You do get lifetime access to the recording but it’s much better to participant and ask questions while you can.

To join the waitlist, drop your details below. If at any point you have questions, just drop me an email ( and I’ll gladly answer them.

For those that like to know the price upfront, it’s £497. There will be a VIP option if you are someone that likes a little extra and some 121 time.

If you want to know why I’m the best person, then ask me. I could put a lot around my experience and qualifications. I could detail all the issues I faced with my businesses over the years and how I overcame them. However, not everyone want all the details. I have nothing to hide and I’m an open book so do ask questions. You could also have a quick nose on my About page for some background. However, here are a few key facts about me to get you started:


  • My parents had their own business and I worked for them from the age of 14 (my choice).
  • I started my first business while working full time and had almost three-year-old twins.
  • My first business won several awards in the first and was published in publications across the world.
  • I did a piece with the BBC on weddings when Prince Harry and Meghan got married.
  • I have worked for large FTSE 100 companies and small family owned businesses over the years.
  • I have been self-employed and now own a Limited company.
  • I have worked for companies in numerous industries so have seen what works in most out there (if you want to know about any specific industry and if I have any experience in it, please ask).
  • My parents business was in the oil industry – Trading with the Middle East.
  • My companies have been in the wedding industry, online business industry, utilities (specifically gas, electricity, and interconnectors), coaching and consultancy.