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Thank you for requesting further information. I don’t have brochure as such. As I like to keep my information updated, this page has been created to give you a quick look at what I can do for you.


Timeless, Elegant Weddings, Across England & Wales.

Weddings take a lot of time to plan. Managing all those suppliers can be stressful and time-consuming. I’m here to work with you so you have a stress-free planning experience without sacrificing your time. I work with you to design and plan a wedding that reflects your desires. I will make any decisions you leave in my power with your best interests in hand, also considering budget and theme.

For me, personalisation is the key to your wedding planning journey. I spend time getting to know you as a couple. I can identify opportunities that highlight & reflect your personalities, as well designing the elegant wedding you dream of.

Satisfying Minimal Designs.

Simple. Elegant. Unique. Minimal doesn’t mean cheap or lack of imagination.

It means pure elegance, with sophistication and care. 

Elegance in Every Corner.

Every part of the wedding is carefully considered. The location is studied. The goal to make every second count.

So Why Me?

Not only are my values something I live every day, but I’m an active member of UKAWP. I abide to their rules as I do to my values and high expectations. The most important UKAWP rule is that I do not take commission from suppliers.

My values are something that comes through my work and client experience so it seems only right to share them here:

  • Integrity: I’m honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust me to adhere to my word.
  • Personal Accountability: I’m personally accountable for delivering on my commitments.
  • Passion: I use my drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire others.
  • Innovation: I challenge the status quo, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.

I am not a big believer in awards or press coverage as, unfortunately in the wedding industry, most don’t mean you are amazing or keep your word. However, if this is important to you, I have won a few awards over the years, been featured worldwide and spoken on BBC radio.

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Wedding Design & Planning.

Everything you need for your wedding design and planning. Thoughtful design sessions; intensive planning. Working around your availability and preferred communication method. A personal look book is created following our design session.

The journey starts the first time you contact me. From the initial enquiry you are treated as an individual; a respected individual. I have no response fits all, no pre-made proposal that just has your name and date updated. Instead, I get to understand your requirements, meet your personalities and appreciate your styles.

A wedding is something that only those special to you have the pleasure to be part of so, when you contact me, I am honoured that you would consider me at your wedding.


There are no two weddings the same. If you want a cookie cutter wedding, I’m not the planner for you. The investment will be based on a series of questions I ask when you enquiry. I consider the number of guests, the location, the potential number of suppliers involved, the budget. I do not create a proposal based on budget only as that would not always be a reflection of the work required.

To give you a rough estimate and a starting point, your investment would be a minimum of £6,500 and on average, between 12-15% of your wedding budget.

Every planner offers something different. Make sure you not only pick one that fits with your style and personalities, but one that understanding your needs and can deliver what you want.

You can have a look at my other services here or visit my Aisle Planner profile (this is the platform I use with my clients for a streamlined experience).

Want to find out more, arrange a consultation or see if I’m free on your date? Complete the quick form below and I’ll be in touch. Alternatively, you can call or text me on 07894 018893.


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