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Want more time, more freedom and your wellbeing right at the centre when it comes to your business?

It’s time to say goodbye to overwhelm and burnout, and say hello to more freedom while taking your wellbeing seriously.

Are you an entrepreneur / wannabe entrepreneur with other commitments that take priority (i.e. health issues, young children, carer responsibilities)?

Do you:

  • Want more time and freedom but still run a successful business?
  • Feel overwhelmed by all the choices and steps to create your dream business?
  • Get burnt out and stressed from all the perceived work required in running your business?
  • Have no idea on the steps to take or what order to do them in?
  • Miss having time for you and the ones you love?

If this sounds like you, my beta could be the answer you are looking for!


Why my (Beta) In A Month® Program?

Although I’m calling this round a beta, it is a course I have done previously and sold at £1,297 (it isn’t even half that this round). However, as I last did it four years ago, I have revamped it, added all the important wellbeing parts (you cannot have a successful business and be happy if you are burnt out) and updated the materials to reflect the current climate.

The course is delivered live (normally on a weekday evening) but recorded if you cannot make it. There is a transcript and audio only version too, along with a workbook or handout for each module.


I take you through the process of designing and building your business step by step. We discuss how to add in any other priorities you need to consider along with making time for you. Say goodbye to overwhelm and not knowing what to do when, all while having your wellbeing at the centre.

You don’t just hear from me. I will have two guest experts speaking to you on key areas that help take you to the next level with ease. Not listening just to me helps provide a rounded experience with different points of view.

I share my journey and relatable experience – what went well and where the struggles were so you have live examples of theory we go through. This helps embed the process and help you to understand the impacts certain actions make.

As I have health issues and a daughter with her own health challenges & Aspergers, I understand how important a real work-life balance is. I know I can’t just carry on or miss that appointment so I built my business with the flexibility to allow those last minute changes.

Time To Reflect

Before I take about what we cover on my Beta In A Month®, take a moment to reflect. Do you want an online business to give you more freedom? Have you other commitments that you thought would prevent you to have a successful business? Do you worry about the work involved, getting stressed out, overwhelmed and even burnt out?

If so, know you are not alone. That was exactly how I felt when I first started over seven years ago with my first business and there are millions of others that feel the same. I am on a mission to help those that are ready to get the freedom they thought wasn’t possible and willing to embrace their new life.


Over the eight weeks on my beta In A Month®, you will learn:

  • How to come up with your perfect idea
  • Understand your why in detail and how to link the emotion
  • How to gain confidence in yourself
  • How to set goals and break them down into manageable tasks
  • How to choose and use social media
  • How to prioritise tasks and manage your time
  • How to come up with and design an opt-in
  • Options for email lists and why it’s important to have one
  • How to define and get to know your ideal client
  • How to research your competitors and identify your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • How to breadcrumb to increase your visibility
  • Business & Marketing Strategies

As well as the eight weeks live teach modules (via Zoom), there are two weeks of pause during the course and two weeks after the course. These are support weeks and give you time to catch up on anything missed, recover and absorb the content. During those weeks I will still hold the weekly Q&A session and will be available in the private Facebook group to support you when you need it.



In A Month® Program is perfect for those starting a business or have a business that isn’t working for them. It’s for those that want the freedom but have additional commitments that will always take priority (i.e. young children, health issues, carers, still working, etc.). I understand how these impact our ability to be in the business 100% but this doesn’t mean we cannot be successful – we just need to build business that understand those commitments.

In this course you get:

  • Eight live taught sessions (via Zoom) – one a week (value £4,000)
  • Two weeks throughout the course to pause, absorb and catch up, plus two weeks at the end of the course (priceless)
  • Twelve live Q&A sessions in the private Facebook group and ongoing support (value £2,400)
  • Two guest speakers (value £1,500)
  • Supporting documentation (workbooks, additional information, etc.) (min. value £500)

Total value = £8,400 (but you won’t pay this)


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In A Month® Program takes time and effort on both sides. By joining this program, you are already on the right path to complete your goal. Show up to the sessions live wherever possible, engage in the group and ask questions.

Each week there will be a live session and a live Q&A. Both will be recorded and uploaded to your members area. The recordings will have subtitles and a transcript will be uploaded so you can catch up however is best for you. It is all delivered online so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are but if you’re not joining from the UK, do bear in mind the live sessions may not be the best time for you. The sessions are normally held on a weekday evening (around 7pm/8pm) as that seems to suit most people the best.

The cost investment for this beta is £497 for the eight-week program. If you want some additional one-to-one support, you can upgrade to VIP to include some 121 sessions with me. This program will return to the standard price in 2024 once the beta is completed this year.

If you cannot commit to the time or to taking the action needed to succeed, then I’m not the right person for you.

“In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.” Marianne Williamson

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