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Our Business Mission & Vision:

Mission: To enable all business owners with the tools to not only succeed in business, but to succeed in life and take those around them on the journey with them.

Vision: To stop businesses failing due to lack of appropriate support and guidance, while preventing the risk of burnout by instilling the importance of well-being. Providing a life of opportunity and freedom for all.

Our Values:

  • Integrity: You can make money without doing evil.
  • Evolve: The world doesn’t stand stay, neither do we.
  • Community: We are all competitors but not enemies. Collaboration over competition every day.
  • Responsible: We act as the CEO, not just the person doing a job.
  • Risk-Takers: We way up the risks and take calculated gambles.

The History of AMPH Strategy:

Over the years, AMPH Strategy has evolved. AMPH Strategy originally started out as an award-winning wedding planning company, specialising in countryside marquee weddings. As I was an overnight hit, I was constantly asked how I managed it. That is when Mary Cushen Visionary was born.

Mary Cushen Visionary is where my coaching journey started, over five years ago. It started off as a coaching company for those wanting to become a wedding planner or had a wedding business and needed some help. There was two routes: Wedding Planner training and Business Basics for Wedding Businesses. Although this was a hit, my heart wasn’t in it so I changed to just be focused on Strategy and Marketing.

In December 2021, my health took a turn and I had to give up my wedding business. It was a hard decision to make but had to happen. I could not deliver the level of service I was known for and client experience has always been the top priority on my list. Following the closure, I moved the coaching over to here, Mary Cushen, from Mary Cushen Visionary. In January 2024, Mary Cushen was changed to AMPH Strategy so it fitted in with my AMPH family of companies.

The company has developed since it started. With practitioner qualifications in several key areas and professional memberships, you can be confident in the service you are committing to.

About Mary Cushen

I am the owner of a few businesses, mother of twin girls (non-identical) and wife to a supportive husband. One of our girls has autism (Asperger’s) and health issues so life is never quite as expected and full of unexpected events. I have Fibromyalgia, breathing issues and various other health issues that rise on a regular basis so here to show the world that no matter what gets thrown this way, I love being a parent and own a business or two and will continue to help people until I physically can’t!

What are my businesses?

  • AMPH Strategy – Where you are today. AMPH Strategy by Mary Cushen is part of AMPH Consulting Limited. It is where I deal with all you very important entrepreneurs of all kinds. Focusing on pure strategy to take you on a self-discovery journey to unlock your potential and achieving your goals. It’s time to stop sacrificing the things you love and realign your life.
  • AMPH Consulting Limited – My corporate business. This is where I offer Consultancy, Mentoring and Training to the larger companies. I don’t do a lot on this side as I love to help entrepreneurs but I do love working with corporates to deliver training and enhance they staff experience.



A mum of twin girls (non-identical). They are completely unique in every sense of the world and consistently get asked if they really are twins (sometimes if they are even sisters!). My pregnancy was not smooth sailing (I was fine, the girls weren’t) and, as I was working full time back then, it was too much at times. Add to the fact it took fifteen years to get pregnant (yes, you read that right), the pressure I felt was immense.

Life is full of ups and downs. If you were expecting a simple life where everything works out as expected, then you are either unrealistic or very lucky to have the perfect life every single day. My life was a rollercoaster and if you follow me (Instagram or Facebook) or sign up for my newsletters, you get to hear the story of my life as well as tools and tips to move you forward.

I met my now husband at the age of 17. We are still together today and I’m in my forties! True love does exist but it doesn’t mean an easy ride.

Sometimes forget we count. We forget we have needs and without looking after ourselves, we end up suffering and resenting those around us. Our instincts tell us that our family must always come first and take us on a guilt trip if we treat ourselves or decide we want to hire a babysitter/carer for the night. I’ve been there and I’m sure you have too. With my clients, we work together to find the right life balance to not only be that amazing entrepreneur, but one that loves ourself too.

I’m not going to list my qualifications or work experience. If there is something in particular you want to know, just ask me via email or using my contact page, but here are a few I love to show off because, although they may be small things, they show the type of person I am.

NLP Practitioner | AgilePM® Practitioner | Leading Authentically | Leading Strategically | Train The Trainer | Business Analysis | ITIL®

If I had to sum myself up, this is what I would say ‘Mary Cushen, loving mum of twins, owner of two businesses, and passionate about strategy‘.

What Some Of My Clients Think.

When you pick someone to work with, the most important things are that they understand you, you have a connection and feel you can trust them, and your values align. If any one of those things isn’t right, the journey will not be as smooth or success as it could be.

Now you have heard a little about me, it’s time to see what my clients think of us. At the end of the day, if you are going to become a client, you will want to know how it feels.

John Burke – Business Process Lead

I have known and worked with Mary for over 10 years now and during that time she has evidenced all the attributes of professional management. Included in her toolkit are her work ethic, enthusiasm, commitment, knowledge, expertise, delivery and attention to detail. She embraces new challenges willingly and provides technical and process support across many wide ranging subjects.

It has come as no surprise to me at her success in providing business solutions and guidance together with an exceptional customer experience across all her activities. I have no hesitation in recommending her work as it will contribute to your future success and in addition provide you with the confidence in her excellent service.

Naomi Ganjavi – Entrepreneur

I can honestly say without the help I received from Mary during our 1 to 1 sessions, my business would not have been born. With her constant support and advice she has helped me gain confidence in the business world and break down all the jargon into easy manageable chunks.

From our very first meeting to 4 months later she has given the same high quality attention and advice that only a professional could give. Like any good teacher, she doesn’t just tell you what to do, she gives you the why behind it so you can fully appreciate how you are developing your business. She has taken the time to get to know me meaning she can tailor her teachings to my learning style, helping me get the most out of each session.

Anita Faulkner – Glittering Copy

Before working with Mary, I was confused to what direction to take my business. I had the ideas but no direction. After the session I was clear on my direction (I had a decision to make), had clarity and the confidence to move forward. Mary completely understood my business and situation. I am so grateful for Mary’s help. She saw everything so clearly and her advice helped me to make a decision and move forward with confidence. She’s an impressive woman.

Katy Warriner – Warriner Leather Works

When I started with Mary, I was passionate about my business but felt confused as to how to progress from the brick wall I had hit. Mary took the time to fully understand my business and provide information that would help me move forward. Mary gave me clarity, focus and direction. She has given me the tools to put a business mind on and get a plan in to place to take my business further.

Lisa Johnson – Business Strategist

I recently hired Mary to help us with a quiz to grow our email list. As usual, her work was amazing. Asked all the right questions, made me feel completely supported. Mary works at a speed nobody can match and tight deadlines are never an issue. It’s always really clear that she takes time to get to know your business. I wouldn’t use anyone else for this kind of support, Mary is brilliant!

Kim Raine – Health & Happiness Coach

Mary explained everything very well so I didn’t get overwhelmed or confused. She was always there for me. Professional, helpful and very supportive. I would recommend Mary Cushen (and have done already!).

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