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Mother of twin girls, married my husband after 18 years together and love my businesses. My favourite colour is green, favourite food is pasta and I’m a bit of a workaholic. On the opposite side, I’m not a big fan of pink or girlie things, not a handbag or shoe hoarder and dislike too many foods to list.

In all honesty, I take pride in the celebrations I have had the pleasure to work on. My discretion, high standards and attention to detail, is coupled with an approachable nature. I believe that all clients should enjoy the process, whilst working with an experienced professional who is as excited about your celebration as you are.

Remember, you are not hiring a company or business. You are investing in someone to help you plan your wedding without the stress, bring your visions to life and execute them to perfection.

Being part of someone’s special day is amazing. Yes, it is a huge responsibility, but I love every second. My experience in project management, bookkeeping, business analysis (just to name a few), all help me give you the best possible experience and support.

In terms of wedding planning, as well as the years of experience, I have completed a select few courses that each added a special piece of knowledge to the pot (although you can never bet real-life experience). Although I may have won various awards and been published worldwide, the one thing I appreciate the most is being part of someone’s day. Meeting their family and friends. Sharing the moments only a select few see. There is no greater honour a stranger could give me.

The Wedding Consultancy by Mary Cushen is here to help plan your wedding, your way.

Have a look at how I could help you have a stress free wedding journey while remaining in complete control.


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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

Rumi (Poet)

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