There is a lot to think about when planning your own wedding. Nothing should be left last minute but there are a few things to do in that last week.


I say no to stressful weddings!

Not everyone wants, needs or can afford a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. This shouldn’t mean you don’t have access to useful advice or have to find your own way. Today I’m talking about a few of the things that need to be done/checked the last week before your wedding day.

This is not an extensive list but does cover some of the most common items that get forgotten (normally because they are obvious).


Break in Your Shoes Before Your Wedding Day

I know it sounds obviously but so many forget. Remember it’s not just the day shoes, but evening shoes as well if you are changes.

New shoes need to be broken in. They will stretch a little to your foot shape. You may get blisters the first few times and who wants to be wearing plasters while showing their new shoes off! Try wearing them on different surfaces. If you are getting married in a marquee, another outdoor structure or outdoors in general, remember the ground isn’t always flat. Can you cope with sinking heels or walking on gravel?

If you have gone for heels but don’t normally wear them, start wearing them around the house about a month before. You don’t want to look wobbly, keep tripping up or even fall on your face!

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Pay Any Outstanding Balances Due

The last thing you want on your wedding day is a supplier walking up to you and demanding money. Most would never do this, but it can and does happen. Make sure you have paid anything that is due before the wedding. If you are unsure, just give your supplier a quick call to confirm. They want your day to go smoothly so will not mind being asked.

If there is anyone that is getting paid on the day, put the money in a sealed envelope and pass it to your designated person. You do not want to be doing this on your wedding day. Get the supplier to sign they have received a sealed envelope addressed to them so there is no confusion to who was paid. If there are any disputes, make sure your designated person can deal with them on your behalf as you don’t want to be having those conversations on your wedding day.

Remember to notify your suppliers of who will be paying them on the day and that they have the authority to deal with any concerns relating to payment.


Prepare Something Special For Your Other Half

Show them how much they mean on one of the biggest days of your life today. It doesn’t have to cost anything. You just need to catch them off guard and surprise them with something they will appreciate. There are no limits to what this could be. It should touch them emotional and be personal. Something they can enjoy when they first awake. Here are a few ideas:

  • A hand-written, heartfelt letter.
  • A box of memories.
  • A commissioned piece of art – maybe a favourite place or where you met.
  • A personalised item that has meaning.
  • Something to wear on the day (or night).


The list is endless but to make it worth while, it needs to be something that will fill them with emotion and start the day how you want to finish.

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Pack Up Everything Ready To Go

Don’t leave the sorting out any organising to the last day possible. Even if you think you have everything, there is always something that is missing (or lost). Think about anything needed overnight or on the day (remember any medication). Thank you gifts to those you wish to appreciate. Have a mini emergency kit for those ‘oops’ moments.

If you are going on your honeymoon straight from the reception, check you have everything including passports (if needed), clothes to change into, overnight bag, travel documentation. If you are flying, get someone to check you in online as soon as it’s open if it’s on your wedding day. Make sure they have all the details and any special requests that need to be mentioned/checked.

When you are having a DIY wedding and creating all your own decorations, make sure at least three days before your wedding day you have passed everything over to someone that will be setting it all up for you. I am a firm believer that you are to relax and enjoy the day, not be setting everything up and getting stressed out.


Check In With The Wedding Party & Key Guests

Check in with the wedding party and make sure they have no questions for your wedding day. By now they should all know what you are expecting from them and have their outfits. Make sure they have all tried their outfits on again just in case anything has changed!

Have a quick call with your key guests too. These are the people that mean the most to you so it’s nice to check they are ok and have all the details they need. Afterall, your day wouldn’t be the same without them.

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Keep Your Beauty Routine

Now is not the time to try some new beauty treatment or product. Look after your skin carefully and drink plenty of water to keep you looking refreshed. If you have any problems, speak to your beautician, doctor, health specialist, etc. Do not take a gamble with something you have never tried.

On the day, your makeup artist will be able to help you cover up anything they suddenly appears (those spots do love to pick their moments) so don’t worry too much. Just don’t pick it. Instead, keep it clean and dab with fresh water until it’s time for makeup.

If you are looking for an amazing makeup artist who listens to their clients, takes your views seriously, makes you look stunning and is a lovely person, you must check out Storme Makeup and Hair.

The same goes for men as well. Don’t change your products, razors, after shave… You don’t want to look red and patchy on your wedding day.


Get Your Rings Cleaned

Just because your wedding rings are new, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t benefit from a clean. Get them professionally cleaned along with your engagement ring (and any other rings you will be wearing). Don’t let anyone touch them once they are cleaned to keep them in pristine condition until the day. When you photographer comes to photograph them, they will be lovely and shiney.

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Confirm Your Final Timeline With Key Suppliers

With just a week left it’s time to finalise your timeline and share it with the key suppliers. Chances are this would have been done before now but it’s best to reconfirm it this week. Key suppliers could include (every wedding is different is these are the most common):

  • Venue
  • Caterer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • DJ/Band
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Transportation


You may have others that need to be done by certain times (i.e. venue dressers) or entertainment that is just for a short period but timing is critical. If you are unsure to if they need the timeline, share it with them anyway.

As well as the running of the day, you will need a timeline showing when all the suppliers will be arriving/leaving. Some venues will help you collate this, while others leave it completely up to you. The venue normally likes to know when everyone is arriving so they can make sure they staff around at that time.


Speak To The Venue

Ideally this is done a few months before but it is better to check, especially if you have had some changes. When you speak to the venue get them to confirm the details to you. This includes numbers, special requirements, rooms, access, timeline, etc. Also ask if they have received all the insurance documents they need from the suppliers. The last thing you want is the venue refusing a supplier site access because they haven’t provided the relevant details.

I say, you ask them to confirm for one reason – You want to hear exactly what they have. When you ask ‘have you got x guests with x vegetarian’ the answer is normally yes. You need to know they have everything as you expect it to be. If anything is incorrect, ask them to change it then drop an email after the call asking them to confirm the change has been made. 

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Last, But Certainly Not Least, Relax

Take time to relax and spend time with each other, preferably without mentioning the wedding day. Have a date night, go do something you used to do before you starting wedding planning. Have fun and enjoy each others company. Keep it to the two of you where possible.


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