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Are you dreaming of a wedding showcasing your love? Do you want to do the planning and organising but not sure where to start?

As an experienced and qualified wedding creator, I have spent years working with couples creating the weddings they dream of. Being part of something so special, only available to your nearest and dearest, was a pleasure and I loved every moment. As I get older, my health makes staying part of those special moments harder, but I’m not going to let that stop me helping couples to live their dream.

Instead of being your planner, I share my knowledge to enable you to create the wedding you dreamed of. Giving you all the tools, tips and little gems to plan your wedding. From what to check when sourcing suppliers, to monitoring your budget, and even being prepared for anything. I’m handing you the control and knowledge to help you have a stress free planning journey.

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Wedding Consultancy

Even on my group programs, it’s about you. I never believed in cookie cutter weddings and never did two weddings the same, so with my consultancy, it is no different. I get to know the basics of everyone’s wedding on the program and make sure the information I give helps you create a unique experience.

Offering group programs, toolkits and workshops (both in-person and online), I help you become confident and organised with your wedding journey. Reducing stress is one of the main reasons people hire a wedding planner, along with having an expert on your side. My services give you peace of mind while you remain in complete control.

Mary Cushen

Mother of twin girls, married my husband after 18 years together and love my job. My favourite colour is green, favourite food is pasta and I’m a bit of a workaholic.

I love working with couples to create something beautiful in the wilderness. The countryside is a beautiful place to get married. The sounds of nature, the fragrance from the wildflowers, the babbling brooks; so much that’s adds a sense of peacefulness without much effort.

My problem solving and project management experience all add to my unique client journey; client experience

Wedding Planner | Mary Cushen | Marquee Wedding Specialist
Wedding Planner | Mary Cushen | Marquee Wedding Specialist
Wedding Planner | Mary Cushen | Marquee Wedding Specialist
Wedding Planner | Mary Cushen | Marquee Wedding Specialist

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