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by Mary Cushen


Holding the space for entrepreneurs with health conditions to achieve their goals and grow from within without impacting their wellbeing.

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Strategy in Two Halves

Growth Focused | Client Centred

A Practitioner in NLP, Crystal Healing & Agile

You might be thinking ‘why do I need a Strategist?’ or even ‘what is a Strategist?’, I know when I was my first looking at coaches years ago I wasn’t really sure of their point. It took me a while to understand how important they are, so let me explain…

Coaching, when it is proper coaching, is all about getting into your mind and helping you unpick what’s in there. It’s about helping you find the answers. Coaching is not counselling, therapy, mentoring or consulting. It’s about allowing you to discover the answers for yourself, with probes.

Strategy can include parts of coaching and their techniques (and should in my view) but they go further. Strategists provide you with the tools and knowledge to move forward. They guide you to help you grow.

When you start looking deep inside, you have parts where aspirations and life cross over. If you looked at these independently, you run the risk of impacting the other. I’m not saying it is always that way. We start off with your aspiration (or goal) and take you on a journey. Where it leads us, we can never be sure but it will help you uncover a world of joy, and help you align your life.

I call myself a Strategist, not a coach. The difference?

A coach has a focus – confidence, mindset, health, relationships, etc.. I really struggled to find someone that could help me piece everything together and I couldn’t afford three or four different coaches. In the end, I took years to get to something that should have been simple. I was also frustrated that I was told ‘the answers are within you’, ‘you know what to do’. That’s why I’m a Strategist for Business & Life – to stop others going through what I had to and to provide useful tools and techniques to help you grow.

Life, business, wellness all crossover.

To look at them individually will cause an imbalance. For example, you may be very passionate about your business, it could be doing very well, but you still feel like something is missing or you are not as happy as you thought you’d be – that’s where the imbalance lies. I am a qualified practitioner in NLP, Crystal Healing and Agile, as well as having many years experience to add to theory. I am a full member in ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management), so you can be confident you are in experienced hands. NLP brings the tools and techniques to get down to really what matters, mapping out goals and helps with clearing your mind so you can focus. The healing brings the tools and techniques to ensure your well-being is not being forgotten on your journey, reducing overwhelm, stress and can prevent burnout. Agile brings the tools and techniques to understand how to deliver things in an agile way, maximising benefits along the way. Learn to deliver quicker so you can realise the benefits sooner.

Why Me?

I’m not going to give you a load of fluff. If you want to read about me, Mary Cushen, you can check out my About page. When you pick a Strategist (or coach if that helps you to relate and compare), the most important things are that they understand you, you have a connection, feel you can trust them, and your values align.

If any one of those things isn’t right, the journey will not be as smooth or successful as it could be. This is why all my 1:1 client journeys start with a call. It’s a chance for you to ask anything you want to make sure I’m the right person for you, but also so I can make sure I can help you. If I don’t think we are the best fit, I will say so. I may even refer you to someone I think is a better fit, if I know the right person.

Time To Reflect

We all need time to stop and reflect, to look at what we need right now, yet so many of us just push through. Our minds need time to process the information; pushing through adds stress and can lead to burn out. I hold a space for all my clients, in all my services. Letting you breathe and understand your journey.


What I Offer

Simply put – Coaching to a new level. All done my way. As a Strategist, we focus on your goals, look at the journey that takes you on, identifying any conflicts that could cause an imbalance, map out strategies and start your journey on the right path. Where your journey has started but it doesn’t feel right, we look at the journey, the goal it reaches then reflect on the impact it has on other areas of your life, identifying the cause and mapping out the solution.

Depending on where you are in your journey, will dictate what is right for you now. I offer Personalised Services, my signature 1:1 coaching, including one-off sessions. Then I have my In A Month® Live Online Program, In A Month® Mastermind and In A Month® Retreat – all unique and refreshing in their own way.

Group Offerings

My In A Month® Program and Mastermind are group offerings. The program is a great way to go on a journey with like-minded individuals, all wanting the same outcome. My Intimate Mastermind (always twenty or less people), is a great way to benefit from a group of amazing people, while benefiting from 1:1 support. It is the ultimate blend to make sure you make progress, fall in love with you and know where you want life to take you. My retreat is extra special so pop over to the page to see why.

I am a dedicated, serious believer in life. I also appreciate you cannot look at one part of life without impacting another. Every change you make in life, impacts another part so I’m on a mission to help others see the true impact of decisions, and progress in all areas of their life.

As a full member of ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management), a qualified practitioner in NLP, Crystal Healing and Agile, you can be confident in the service you will receive. Ensuring every one of my clients receives the same level of experience and commitment.


I’m a person that knows how important and hard life can be. I understand how difficult it can be making decisions around your family and your own life aspirations. How health can hinder the progress you want to make and slow down your progress. If you are struggling, I want to help. No one should have to make sacrifices to their dreams and I’m here to show you how to live that life of joy and success.


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